More buttery Nigel intercallated with Breaking Bad

5 Sep

I never thought my eating habits would change so much from starting to live in the UK. I guess it’s not just moving countries that influenced what I eat but also the money availability (or lack of), time availability, my mood, television, books, supermarkets…It’s amazing how all this can influence what I eat. I know […]

Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries II

24 Aug

I think I mentioned this before: I am a big Jamie Oliver fan. OK, his last books have left much to desire for but the man is great. I have to give him credit. Look at the empire he created (of course with a huge team of helpers): tens of restaurants, shops, magazines, iphone apps, […]

Mango Ice cream

21 Jul

It all started with another batch of croissants but because in croissant’ making there is a lot of waiting, I decided to use that time to make an ice cream. My favourite ice creams are the creamy ones, made with egg yolks , but I never make them frequently enough for many reasons. Reason number […]


16 Jun

I’ve been wanting to make these in ages (Ever since I read this post). But I was afraid. As I am afraid of making macaroons. Why? Because I don’t like to fail and with these two recipes, there is  large room for failure. Specially with the macaroons. There are so many different recipes for macaroons! […]

Beetroot and chocolate cake

27 Jul

After a trip to the farm, what am I going to do with all this stuff? Of course it had to be a cake. A beetroot cake. Beetroots is something I rarely buy. But I had to buy those from Grays Farm. Because I had just read about the most curious cake, and I had […]

Grays Farm PYO

25 Jul

I grew up in an apartment. My grandparents used to have a peach tree and a fig tree. And some strawberries. But that was it. I don’t know what it is that makes me want to have a plot to grow my own stuff. I’ve sort of  started  it now, although it’s just herbs for […]

The importance of shaping a loaf

22 Jul

Shaping a loaf is just one of the techniques you have to master in bread, together with proper kneading (is it ready already? does it need a bit more wrist dancing? is it too much? can I turn off the stand mixer now?), enough rising times, water temperature, salt amount…Uff…Every book I read, the authors […]

Scandilicious Baking

15 Jul

More and more bloggers theses days are getting book deals, book contracts with good editors. When I look at the background of all these writers-bloggers-cooks, I find it diverse but still see some things in common in all of them: first of all, they love to cook, obviously, and not just cook  because they have […]

Books vs Blogs

10 Jul

The number of excellent blogs I’ve been discovering that focus on baking is increasing everyday. I am so happy with the fact that is is so easy to find great recipes, created by common mortals (not professionals) that are adventurous enough to recreate old recipes or do everything from scratch. I am not like that. […]

Marriage and a new baby

6 Jul

Hello everyone Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I missed this blog. This corner where I can express all the thoughts I have on food. The food I see, the food I buy, the food I cook, the food I eat. A brief summary of what as passed in the last months? days? […]