I’m back OR the post with more recipes ever!

11 Mar

It’s been a while since I wrote something on my blog. The reasons? Pure laziness! I have also neglected my diet a bit , so that could be a reason-I was ashamed to post all the bad stuff I have been eating. I’ll explain.

I had a phase, a few weeks back, of baking biscuits. Many biscuits. Chocolate ones, mainly. Lemon too. I was in the quest for finding the perfect recipe for chocolate biscuits. I wanted to get biscuits with the texture of these ones:

My treat to have with the after lunch coffee!

Needless to say, I haven’t managed to get there but I found a very chocolatey recipe that makes my biscuits even better than these ones! I don’t have any pictures to share but I had everyone from my office complimenting me on them and my friends too. It’s nice to have a reliable recipe that does not use ingredients that are too expensive, it is quick to make and delicious! If you are like me that craves that sweet to go with your coffee, nothing is better than this! I’ve tried using 3 different types of cocoa, three different types of sugar, I’ve also tested different brands of butter, different times of cooking….I was a bit obsessed by these!

But now, I bake the occasional cake or a smaller batch of cookies, and not every week. It’s back to normal now.

Another change I’ve included back in my life (deep!) is the bikram yoga classes. Everyone that goes to these classes is mental about them and swears by them, says it changed their lives and they are addicted to them. I agree to all that. It’s true: the differences you feel in your body are immediate. From the very first class the general feeling is of owning a more healthy body, an open chest that breathes better, the feeling of control of stress, etc…I, like all the others, am “converted” and just love it! it’s bloody expensive but it’s making me happy and helping control the anxiety, so, I think, it’s a good investment.

One of the classes I go to is at 8.15 on Saturday. So, yesterday, because I felt all yogi but mostly because we have had a very saucy indian meal with naan bread and all the night before, we’ve decided the rest of the day had to be more balanced. Here’s the result:

Quinoa salad and beetroot and carrot juice

I have finally cooked quinoa at home. It’s damn easy- just like cooking rice! The ingredients of this salad are: quinoa, avocados, raisins and tomatoes. The dressing is made from zest of and lemon juice, salt, olive oil (very little), ground cumin, ground coriander, paprika salt and pepper. Recipe adapted (only because I did not have all the ingredients) from here.

The delicious juice is a mixture of carrots and beetroots!!!! More please!

Then the dinner was some kind of paella/risotto with vegetables (tomatoes, onions, carrots, peas, peppers) and saffron and paprika to give the color. This was inspired by the Slimming World magazine. On top, not so slimming-like, creme fraiche, just because I did not want to throw away the last bit left in the bottle.

Paella or risotto?

That’s all for  today! It’s good to be back. Watch me out!


One Response to “I’m back OR the post with more recipes ever!”

  1. Nazaré March 11, 2012 at 10:12 pm #

    Pois é não tens fotos dos biscoitos pq os comeste todos, não é gulosa? Agora tens que pôr a receita para eu fazer e depois tiro fotos e mando-tas para pores no blog :)
    Adorei a nova estrutura do blog, muito mais atual e mais organizada.