Mango Ice cream

21 Jul


It all started with another batch of croissants but because in croissant’ making there is a lot of waiting, I decided to use that time to make an ice cream.

My favourite ice creams are the creamy ones, made with egg yolks , but I never make them frequently enough for many reasons. Reason number one, I don’t like wasting all the egg whites. I know I could make meringue but I am not a big fan of it…Egg whites and sugar, really? Not attractive at all. Like buttercream. Blergh. It’s too much “in your face”, there, you are clearly eating sugar and butter (or sugar and egg whites) and there’s no way to deny it, whereas when eating cake, there is the consistency to think about, the other flavours to think about and the the overall sensation is not that I am eating, flour, eggs, butter and flavours but a cake as a whole. That does not happen to me when I am eating lots of buttercream or meringue.

This is why I don’t get all the fuss about cupcakes . I get that you can do millions of things with them, I find that funny but not delicious. Crumbs and Doilies are a very artistic bunch who can do about anything with cupcakes, and have many original flavours but for me eating one still feels like eating butter directly from the package.

Reason number 2 is because there is an Oddono’s near work!

So, today I decided to make a fruity ice cream with no eggs. I searched for a recipe online but in the end just created my own.

Here it goes:

Mango Ice Cream - Phases

Blend 600g of mango pulp ( I got this amount from three mangoes). Add 200 g greek yoghurt . Blend. Add 3 heaped tablespoons of honey. Blend again just to mix everything then add 300 ml of double cream and the juice of 1 lime. Churn in an ice cream machine (I did it for 30 min). Freeze for at least 4h. Go outside. Enjoy.

Mango Ice Cream - Served


Not too sweet, mango power!

You can see that I’ve ben playing a bit with the pictures this time. I’ve used an online image editor , Pixrl. It’s very good, it can do all the typical Instagram effects plus much much more!.

And of course, the ice cream was ready way before the croissants were. I will write about those in the next post.

One Response to “Mango Ice cream”

  1. Cidreira July 22, 2013 at 6:01 am #

    Nésinha que delicia! Vou tentar fazer na Bimby.
    Quando fôr aí temos que ir a essa casa de gelados :)